Visual Contrast is a Los Angeles based studio that produces fine art and decorative objects for the visually adventurous, available to view online and through pop-up exhibitions.

We are cultural enthusiasts and art historians obsessed with blending the past and present, dedicated to provoking imagination and telling stories through art.

Our exhibitions are the product of reimagined artifacts, found images and proprietary contributions from our artist community. With each exhibition we uncover a new opportunity to tell a story and to be romanced by people, places and history. 

We invite you to discover a new perspective.

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Visual Contrast is the vision of founder and owner Jeff Hughes, whose personal journey and passion for art have helped him discover many perspectives. Having spent most of his formative years in southeast Asia, Jeff has always been drawn to the idea of discovery. The magic of seeing something he’s never seen before and finding unexpected treasures has compelled his appetite for exploring cultures and the art that represents them.

Jeff’s studies in the history of art and architecture at the University of Manchester cultivated his appreciation for museum culture. The museum’s emphasis on storytelling has always inspired Jeff and it’s his ambition to bring the experience of the museum to life through Visual Contrast’s exhibitions.

As a curator, Jeff has worked with artists and craftsmen to create bespoke art collections for top interior designers and major brands. His career began in London’s Trowbridge Gallery and eventually brought him to Los Angeles where he assumed a role as Director of Collections & Archives at Natural Curiosities, an industry leading art house. 

With 10 plus years experience in the design world and an innate passion for discovery through art, Jeff now finds himself founding Visual Contrast. He looks forward to sharing VC’s art with the world and hopes as people explore the works, they too experience the thrill of discovery that he has enjoyed whilst curating the exhibitions.