The Contrasts in Colour exhibition draws its name from Michael Eugene Chevreul’s study of color and influential philosophy on the harmony of color in art and design.

Chevreul, a French Scientist, documented his studies in The Laws of the Contrast of Colours (1839) where he discovered the influence of colors on each other can enhance or diminish their true values when juxtaposed. His color study consists of monochromatic dots that demonstrate his findings by describing ways to produce desired color effects.

The five images selected for this exhibition exemplify Chevreul’s findings and are works of art themselves. The Laws of the Contrast of Colours is unquestionably one of the greatest books ever written on the study of colour and heavily influenced impressionist artists, notably Delacroix, and became a guide for designers of commerce and artists across mediums from textiles to wallpaper, colour printing, mosaics and more.