LC Studio Tutto is an art & design team led by Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel. Whether on a 70,000 square foot stretch of Interstate-5 or on a canvas in the studio, they create moments of beauty to spark a connection between people and their environment. Handmade textures, rich colors, and brushstrokes bring movement and life to municipal water tanks, Silicon Valley HQs, or bleak city tunnels to name a few.

Hot Winter Detail copy.jpg

Sofia's individual art practice focuses on gestural abstract painting and Hennessy's on detailed illustration and storytelling. As a team, they bring together their respective artistic strengths to create artwork that is rooted in abstract expressionism while furthering a defined narrative. Together they have designed and fabricated over 75 site-specific art installations across California. 

LC Studio Tutto is excited to create a collection of original canvas paintings in collaboration with Visual Contrast to further explore themes of nature, connection, and color.